Big Ambitions Story Mode Start on Hard Difficulty

This is a quick instruction for Big Ambitions players on how to set up their first businesses to generate up to $7,800 in daily earnings on hard difficulty.


This is a quick guide to help you launch your business. When your uncle asks you to open the fast-food (burger) shop, you will be progressing through the first official story missions and will have a daily income of about 7-8k.

There won’t be anything in this guide that the game or other, more thorough guides don’t already cover.

The Beginning

When you first start working at El Gato, you’ll realize that it’ll be close to a day before your shift begins. Utilize today to attend business school and learn fundamentals of the industry. The school is located at 7 Fourth Avenue.

Use any free time you have between 6 AM and 7 PM to complete both courses.

Do not arrive at work late because you need to complete your task by Friday (your day off!). A suitable wake-up time is typically between 7:15 and 7:20 because it takes around 30 minutes to go to El Gato.

Ultimately, you’ll give up your job and take out the initial loan of $15,000 to launch your business.

Choose a building close to your apartment on the map to launch your venture. It must have at least 15 traffic to be considered.

Get the complimentary vehicle and buy the following things:

Cleaning station at Square Appliances (16 Fourth Avenue

two rounded shelves

refrigerator for beverages

Contraband cash register

Store set up and hiring strategy

Shooping baskets stacked

storage rack

IKA BOHAG: (50 4th St.):JayBeeel Loudspeaker 3

1 paper bag from NY Distro INC (37 1st St. (1000)

1 can of soda (60)

  • get up at 7AM, drive to NY Distro to be there at their opening (8AM), grab everything you need for your shop and get back there at 09:30AM
  • get up at 7AM, get to Andersen Recruitment (16 5h Av.) to start a recruitment campaign (see below)

1 small present (200)

1 expensive present (200)

Set them up in your shop.

After have placed everything in your store, set up pricing and schedule:


Can of soda: $3.6

Low-cost Gift: $24

The last steps

Costly Gift: $55

Monday through Sunday, 10:00 to 24:00

As you’ll be selling your own goods, opening at 10 AM will give you just enough time to:


Q: Why do you ignore the Customer Service / Cleaning skills when hiring new employees?
A: The answer is simple: HR. As soon as you have some Human Resources Managers working for you, they will gradually increase the skills of the employees assigned to them. Since salary increase is not implemented (yet?) the cheaper your employee is, the more valuable he will be as soon as his skills reach high levels.Q: Why do you open the second gift shop in a small building?
A: I have tried several approaches on hard difficulty and found out, that the gift shop is thriving well when working in a small building. The Fast Food Restaurant on the contrary is a waste of money, when set up in a building with max. capacity of 15. The other reason is, that with a second gift shop it is still very easy to resupply them yourself. You just buy twice the amount of the items you need for your first gift shop.

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Use the cleaning station to tidy up the business during the hours when there aren’t any customers during your first few days there.

Open up the interior designer and have a new floor and walls installed with a total cost of a little bit more than $5,000 as soon as you have 5000 dollars and enough supplies to last a day without driving to NY Distro.

Start two recruitment campaigns for customer service and cleaning, each with a 10-day deadline.

Take on any applicant the recruiter sends your way as long as you don’t have enough employees. Because you operate on a 7-day schedule, full-time employees can work up to 7 hours per day (49 hours total), and part-time employees can work up to 4 hours per day (28 hours total)

After your company is operating without you manning the counter, start paying more attention to candidates for new hires:

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