Jumplight Odyssey Ship Floor Levels Guide

This tutorial for Jumplight Odyssey gamers seeks to highlight the areas where one can improve or modify each portion as well as what is not editable and static. Ship Floor Levels Guide Here is a start to breaking down each level, made these maps using Diagram Designer. The exported copy of the levels on their … Read more

Thronefall Frostee Quests A & B Guide

For Thronefall players, this guide is a frostee quests A & B guide which provides the description, units amounts, and video. Before You Start Before you can follow my guide you need to have a couple of things unlocked. You will need the following: Heavy Sword Arcane Tower Castle Fortifications Hunter Units I advise using … Read more

Pawperty Damage Mod Creation Guide

To make it easier to share user-created content, Pawperty Damage’s guide will show you how to set up mods and post them to Steam Workshop. 1. Mod Folder Structure Each mod is a separate folder that contains a mod description file, a preview image and any number of custom billboards or character skins (other modifications … Read more

Baldur’s Gate 3 Immortal Barbarian Build Guide

This Immortal Barbarian Build tutorial for Baldur’s Gate 3 gamers will demonstrate the strength of dark magic and muscles through the fantastic immortal barbarian warlock multiclass! Character creation We start with a level 1 Barbarian, most good races are Half-orc if you like to hit harder Gnomes if you not like to be stanned/charmed You … Read more