Thronefall Building and Upgrade Tips

For Thronefall players, this guide provides some general tips about what to Build, what Upgrades to select, and what Weapons to give your troops. Upgrading your main base You can upgrade your base 2 times for 7, 20 coins each. Each upgrades has specific abilities to choose. These below are what I recommend.7 coins Builder … Read more

Thronefall Guide of General Tips

This is a guide for new Thronefall gamers that includes general advice to help you have a better gaming experience. General Tips 1. This is fundamental to almost any RTS, but I’ll mention it anyway: early game you should focus on economy as much as possible and get as little defense as you can get … Read more

Remnant 2 Top Tips for Solo Players

Tips for Playing Remnant 2 Solo If you have opted to have a solo gaming experience with Remnant 2, this guide will provide you with some helpful advice. Choose the Medic Class The Medic class is a great choice if you are playing alone. It offers unlimited healing with a countdown. Faster Healing Healing weapons … Read more

BattleBit Remastered Top 10 Tips as Medic

For BattleBit Remastered players who are trying to play medic, this guide will show you 10 tips, let s check them out. Tip1 Keep in mind that your mission is to Heal and Revive your teammates, not focus on Kills. Killing is necessary to collaborate with the team, upgrade weapons, and protect yourself, but it … Read more

BattleBit Remastered Tips For New Players

For beginners of BattleBit Remastered, this guide will proivide you some tips for you to have a better start, let s check it out. Tips Very useful tips for anyone really 1.alt+scrollwheel=zeroing What zeroing does is helps with the accuracy with guns at certain ranges 2.X is to change firemode. Auto,burst and semi 3.middle mouse=ping, … Read more