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Contraband Police Tips for Saving Money and Better Inspector

This tutorial offers advice on how to play Contraband Police so that you can become the best policeman possible, save more money, and improve as an inspector.

Don t drive recklessly. Use sirens!

You risk wrecking your automobile if you drive after consuming 50 drinks. It’s bad to damage your car because it can act as a strong barrier against an ambush. Be sure to drive cautiously. Also, using sirens is particularly beneficial since it causes other drivers to move their vehicles to the side, allowing you more space to drive!

Make a route

If you want driving to be simple, it is better to choose the same route every time you drive. Consider planning your route before you go to help you drive more safely. Driving will be so simple if we do this! Use the map while you are driving, but don’t wait too long or you can crash, which is bad.

This is my usual path that I use when I drive. You may reach the police station, the labor camp, and Vlad’s Store by taking this path. You only need to use your car to travel to these three locations. You should head to the labor camp first because putting your inmates away is of the utmost importance.

Don t fight ambushes

They rob you far too frequently and give you meager loans. Spending a minute for $70 is hardly worthwhile, especially considering the ammo you lose in the process. Drive away instead, please! Don’t worry about them following you because they don’t. You avoid wasting time and ammunition.

Time is not something to worry about

Don’t worry about taking forever when inspecting! You won’t be penalized for taking too long, so take your time and uncover every inconsistency. Perhaps getting a little less sleep is the only drawback, but who cares? In Acaristan, money trumps sleep every time.

Don t use peripheral vision!

I think the biggest piece of advice I can give you is this. The use of peripheral vision should be limited. Papers, please. Not Contraband Police. Simply take out your inspection report and physically tick each item off rather than using your vision tool! Use your vision only for items that you believe will require too much time to check. When I check immunization records and expiration dates, I utilize my vision.

Don t stockpile on criminals and contraband!

Do not gather a lot of criminals and illegal goods together. If you do, you’ll merely wind up having to pay money to update your storage and cells. Instead, after you’ve finished checking everyone, go take care of them. By doing this, you can avoid the possibility of prisoners escaping and save money on upgrades. The daily cost increases along with upgrades, which are permanent. You can save a ton of money if you put in a little additional effort.

The Makarov is all you need!

You only need the Makarov, or pistol, during combat. It has incredibly inexpensive ammunition and only shoots once in the brain! Even if you aim down your sights, there is some spread, so make an effort to close the distance before firing. Ammunition storage is essential for post-attack and gunfight scenarios. I advise carrying at least ten magazines at all times. Any less, and you ought to go see Vlad.

Don t upgrade everything

Unless you want to get an achievement, don t bother upgrading most things. When you upgrade, you lose money, and the daily cost goes up too. The only things I recommend upgrading is your car(s), house and personnel. Upgrade your personnel to the SMG level, to give them some health. This helps them from dying in post attacks, which will make you lose money. the rifle level isn t necessary, as you will do most of the killing. The sniper and post guards should be avoided, but the jail guard is worth grabbing.


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