Darkest Dungeon II Conquer the Enigmatic Jester Chapter 4 Minigame Guide

For Darkest Dungeon II players, this is a guide to conquer the Enigmatic Jester Chapter 4 Minigame, which unravel the mysteries that await in the Jester Chapter 4 minigame.

Game Mechanics

In this minigame, your goal is to mirror the notes that appear on the right side to the left side, with the Jester acting as a wild card. The following moves are available to you:

  • Move the Jester forward.
  • Move the Jester backward.
  • Shuffle all the notes on the left side.
  • Change a note on the left side.

Note changes occur in a specific order. Understanding these mechanics is crucial for success.

Puzzle Solution: First Melody

To solve the first puzzle, arrange the notes on the left as a mirror image of the notes on the right and move the Jester backward onto the note that would cost more stress to change than to stand on. This should lead to the solution.

Puzzle Solution: Second Melody

The second puzzle can be challenging, so it s important not to change every note, as it can increase your stress level. Take your time and find the most optimal way to solve it. In my solution, I positioned the Jester as a wild card and changed the back note twice to complete the melody successfully.

Puzzle Solution: Third Melody

The final puzzle is the most difficult. I spent a lot of time strategizing and ended up changing the back note to improve my chances of getting the right notes when shuffling. This strategy worked for me, but remember that luck still plays a role.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Take your time and strategize before making moves. Rushing can lead to mistakes.
  • Manage your stress level by finding the most optimal solutions and avoiding unnecessary note changes.

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