Deceive Inc 10 Tips to Help You in Your Mission

Players of Deceive Inc. will find 10 tips in this guide that will aid them in completing their objective. Let’s look at them now.

10 TIPS!

1 When you re in cover, your character reacts to things around it like an NPC would! Civilian, staff, and technicians either run or cower when they re around gunfire. If you see one standing still, there s a good chance that s another agent! Security will have an exclamation point above their head and point their gun at the culprit and try to find them.
2 You can revive NPCs! It can be a little finicky but if you crouch and look at them on the ground (I normally look at the belt line) you can pick them back up!
3 Spy kits that drop off other spies give their Intel, some ammo, and some healing! Try to swoop in and grab it before someone else comes by, or snatch it yourself if you see another agent finish a fight to deny them the resources!
4 Ammo and food are 1 time uses and very noticeable when taken! Try to avoid snacking too much in case another agent is watching.
5 Green rooms can have green, blue, and purple key cards spawn in them! Even though there aren t vaults in green rooms, they re still super worth it to check out.
6 Using the mimic device will drop any NPC aggression on you and allow you to build your cover back! (though this may be a bug/balanced later)
7 You can stop an extraction by standing in the yellow circle around the getaway vehicle. This one might seem obvious but plenty of people seem to simply snipe from afar.
8 Cover reduces damage for a small window! You can t get head shot while in cover but you can still take quite a bit of damage. sometimes it s better to land a body shot first and god for headshots once they re vulnerable.
9 If you forgot your gadgets somewhere or just want to be subtle, holding R will break your gadgets and return them to your inventory after a cooldown.
10 NPCS don t jump! They can get stuck some places but if you see one jumping around the road or off high places shoot them!

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