DREDGE All Obelisks Location Guide

For DREDGE players who are looking for Obelisks, this guide will show you their locations and their dialogues, let s check it out.


For those unaware, obelisks are a interact-able stone formations found around the game. Sometimes hard to spot and are uninteresting until you find one during times of severe panic. Touching an obelisk with glowing red markings gives your character a vision. Not a cut-scene however, but some text of what he is experiencing.

You can read all the visions here, or use the map to visit them in-game.


Greater Marrow

The town of Greater Marrow burns. The lighthouse lies collapsed, its light extinguished.
A red glow fills the sky behind a cyclone that drains the world.

Blackstone Isle

Dark rocks erupt from the earth, piercing through buildings and trees. Through sand and crashing waves. Through the basalt pillars of this island.
The newborn structures crackle with an unknown energy, crimson lightning arcing
between them. The earth shifts once more and the stones lie still.

Misc Island

A ship, tossed by waves in the night. Fog unfolds like a blanket from the deck, spilling
across the ocean and crashing against the land. A distant lighthouse flickers a signal.

Devil s Spine

A leviathan raises its vast grey head, stretching up, up until it sits level with a bright
flame cradled at the top of the ancient lighthouse.
It watches the fire for a while, tilting its head and calling softly to it with a guttural song.
Appearing satisfied, the beast slinks down into the water, gliding back to the depths.

Devil s Spine

A crimson rift opens in the void. Dreadful silhouettes drift through in a procession of
teeth and tentacles. After the last grotesque figure emerges, a membrane spreads over
the fissure. A distant groan emanates from the space beyond.

Twisted Strand

A parasite burrows into a large snakelike carcass. It feeds, growing fat and multiplying. Tendrils sprout from the head of the body and sense the water around it.
The host corpse shudders reluctantly. With a cry that resounds through the forest, it
rises once again.

Twisted Strand

A man flees through the trees, bloodshot eyes wide with terror. He runs into a dead
end; cornered by the murky waters and his pursuer, he turns. A wooden spear flies
and finds its mark.

Stellar Basin

A spore floats in the water, adrift in the current. Fish feast in a frenzy above, devouring
its kin. The spore lands in the thick silt of the sea floor. Its roots stretch down into the
seabed, growing extending towards what lies beneath.

Stellar Basin

The green glimmer of an aurora blooms in the night sky above the resort. A distant
boom shakes the thatched rooves and rouses dreamers from their sleep.
The waters withdraw, exposing the coral to the warm air. Confused creatures chitter and
seek out their hiding places. Moments later the waters return; crashing, seething,
sweeping souls out to sea.

Gale Cliffs

A blustery wind screams through the cliffs, diving and turning. It passes over a large
wooden ship at anchor, all flags filling suddenly. A skinless face appears on the
fluttering fabric.
A wail of terror rises from the crew.

Gale Cliffs

A heart of stone wrapped in a twisting tail. A serpentine body uncoils, teeth rasping at
its earthen shell. Larger now. Bursting through the cliffs, sending rocks tumbling into
the water.
An eye opens to this new world.

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