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Far Cry 6 How to Fix FPS Drop Issue

This article will teach you how to repair the unexpected FPS decreases that certain Far Cry 6 gamers are experiencing. Let’s have a look.

How to Fix FPS Drop Issue Step by Step

1. Start File Explorer. In order to know where FarCry 6 is, locate your Steam file. It might have been in either your D or C disk.

2. Select Disable fullscreen optimizations under Steam > Steamapps > Common > Far Cry 6 > Bin > FarCry6 > Properties > Compatibility. Use > OK.

3. Utilize the WINDOWS KEY to find Game Mode and disable it. For some reason, Far Cry 6 works best when game mode is disabled so that FPS issues don’t occur.

(Optional In Game Settings: turn off FidelityFX, FSR, HD Texture.)

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