Have a Nice Death All Artifact Locations Guide

This is a tutorial for Have a Lovely Death gamers on where to discover the Quantum Rift Locker to obtain artifacts necessary to battle the hidden boss and obtain the True Ending.


To unlock the True Ending and fight the secret boss you will have to defeat Time at least once.
After you have defeated Time, 3 new Quantum Rift Lockers will appear in your next run that can be found in 3 locations but come at a price.

  • Artifact 1: Shop, cost 1 Prismium to unlock
  • Artifact 2: Breakroom, cost 3 Golden anima orbs
  • Artifact 3: Before (Any) Thanager Fight, free, but makes Thanagers and Sorrows stronger and more resistant.


  • You will have to repeat this process each run! It does not save for the next run. So if you want to get True ending again or you died on the way, you will have to repeat this process!
  • You can see how many artifacts you have collected in your run by pressing ESC (the menu button) and looking at the top right.

Artifact location: Shop

This Locker can be found in any shop far to the right, however it costs 1 Prismium to unlock it to obtain your Artifact.

Artifact location: Before Thanager Fight (Any)

This one is free but comes at a heavy cost of fighting stronger bosses.

Remember that you can find this before ANY Thanager Fight, so if you don’t want to face stronger Sorrows or Thanagers on the following levels, you can just ignore it and find it when you face the final Thanager before Time. such as The Bridgets at the Department of Inevitable Time.

Secret Boss

Now that you have collected all 3 artifacts, beat Time as usual and progress to the final elevator.
Now the cutscene will be slightly different where you can see all three pieces of your artifacts combine eachother and summon the secret boss.

You’ll be transported to a different plane of existence and given one of each anima orb there.

You will face the mysterious boss there.

This concludes our Have a Good Death All Artifact Locations Guide; if you have any further information, please feel free to add it in the comments section below. You can also read the original essay here. All credit for this work belongs to its original author.

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