Home Together: Randomized Codes & Additional Content Key (V0.12.1 Update)

Real-time adult gaming company Home Together created Home Together. These are all the codes for the game’s patron-exclusive galleries and other goodies.

July 2023 Update | we check for the new version 0.12.1

All Randomized Codes List [V0.12.1]

Please make sure that your game is running on the most recent version if the codes listed below do not work.

  • Number 0: 64W2ZHR
  • Number 1: U5CDT7T
  • Number 2: KBA3NWA
  • Number 3: 6NQPWZE
  • Number 4: 7TSR2RM
  • Number 5: 2CBZ9CG
  • Number 6: 5DVLX5G
  • Number 7: 28CHEH7
  • Number 8: ZNX5KP4
  • Number 9: DMLZN29

Additional Content Key (Patron Content)

  • DPGMXW (New!)
  • UL6G3MP

Please check this list periodically as we will be updating it.

Where Can I Get the New Code?

Let’s say you want to locate the most recent code. In that case, you can join the official Patreon, where the creator will publish a new code to open Patreon-only content, which includes 50 Makeup options, 10 facial textures, seven clothing items, seven accessories, and 14 different hairstyles.

Every month, the game will typically update around the 15th. Use these codes to redeem your rewards in-game, and don’t forget to do so.

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