LethalCrisis ProtoSphere Mission Requirements Translation with Base Factors

Protosphere: A Roguelike with Unique Rewards

Like Lethal Crisis, Protosphere offers optional objectives with unique rewards. Translations for this game come from UnexpectedGenreShift’s playthrough. However, there is a key difference between this game and Lethal Crisis: Protosphere is a Roguelike. This means that upon death, players must start from the beginning.

Progressing Between Runs

Fortunately, like other Roguelikes, there are ways to keep progress between runs to make the game easier. Stages are done in chunks of 10, and each 10th stage cleared will reward the player with a checkpoint. Additionally, missions are counted per chunk of 10 stages.

Items and Innovative Writing

Players should have some understanding of Japanese when it comes to item use, since there are multiple items within 1500 words. Being innovative with writing and grammar skills is also essential to success in Protosphere.


Protosphere is a Roguelike game that offers unique rewards for completing optional objectives. Players must start from the beginning upon death, but there are ways to keep progress between runs. Stages are done in chunks of 10, and understanding Japanese is important for item use. Writing and grammar skills are also essential for success.

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