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Papa’s Freezeria Deluxe How to Have Closer’s Orders Ready Achievements

This guide will explain how to prepare Quinn and Kahuna’s orders so that they are ready when they arrive for Papa’s Freezeria Deluxe players!

Orders ready

This describes the way I did it, but it will give you an awful score on their orders.

Every morning, I make an additional cup of arbitrary ingredients after placing the first customer’s order under the blender device.

It doesn’t matter that the cup will spend the entire day under the blender, putting it into the danger zone.

I take the cup that has been blending all day, add some whipped cream to it, and wait for the closer to arrive after the sixth customer (or possibly the fifth in the early going) (meaning that the second to last customer will have to wait with receiving their order).

If Quinn or Kahuna are the nearest, I give them the terrible cup right away, unlocking the achievement but deducting points.

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