Pizza Tower How to Fix the Noise’s Palette

He appears strange, really strange, when you play as the noise normally (using the debug menu). I’ll explain to you how to repair him. Enabling debug and entering player room characterselect A into the debug box after clicking enter will cause you to become the noise.

Also, the game doesn’t operate as if the palettes aren’t present; otherwise, it can default to the usual palette because the texture is larger than the sprite.

1. Getting the program

Install a tool, such as UndertaleModTool, that enables you to edit game creator studio files.

2. Exporting the palette

Export the Noises colour palette image (spr_noisepalette) with the program from step 1

3. Editing the palette

Change the image resolution from 7 x 6 to 16 x 6 add parts of peppinos palette to it
The horizontal lines in the palette mean the different parts of the noise
The top colour is the outline; second is the clothes and the hat; third is the eyes, teeth and gloves; fourth is the gums and tounge, and last is the cape. The vertical lines are the outfits in this order: No outfit, normal, dont know, unfunny, money, sage, blood, tv, black, dark, shi tty, gold, garish, patterns, dont know again, dont know for the third time, mooneyimage is a bigger version of what it should look like

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