Redfall Weapons Explained (Type, Mods, Level, Rarities & Skins)

Weapons can be found in a wide variety in Redfall. There are high-end military ranged weapons but also grandpa s shotgun that s kitbashed together. Weapons aren t tied to a specific character, so you can use any weapon that you like. But the heroes in Redfall have an affinity to certain weapons, which will be represented in their skill tree. You can equip 3 different weapons in your quick select load out but you are able to carry more in your backpack.


There are a lot of different weapon types in Redfall and you can classify them into two categories. Because some weapons perform better on certain enemies than others. Knowing which weapon to use is part of the game.
For example, you need to use a stake to defeat Vampires, or else they will simply regenerate. The Anti-Vampire weaponry will help you with that but conventional items can have attachments to do the job.
Military Weapons

  • Assault Rifles
  • Pistols
  • SMGs
  • Shotguns
  • Sniper Rifles

Weapons for vampire hunters

  • Flareguns
  • Stake Launchers
  • UV-Light Emitters


Weapons can also have blade attachments. These range from broken mops to guitar handles, and garden gnomes. You need to use these to slay Vampires when they are weakened.
Besides blade attachments, Redfall also has a ton of other Mods you can randomly get on your weapon. Being able to set things on fire or flash a UV light to petrify vampires within a 10-foot radius.


You can find stronger weapons as you progress through the game. Each weapon has a power level, therefore, you will be scrapping guns when you out-level them.
You cannot level up your weapon. This keeps you experimenting and testing out weapons throughout the main game.
The quality of the item is not only represented by its rarity, each item also gets a rating. This makes it somewhat easier to compare various items with each other.


There are various rarity types for weapons. The better an item is, the higher its rarity; yet, don’t just throw it away because you find one with a higher degree of rarity. The item must match the play style of your character.

High-end Orange, SuperiorPurple, White, Green, and Blue


Weapons can be customized with different skins. They can be switched out in your Loadout menu by inspecting a specific weapon. There are at least 43 different weapon skins. You can get some by Pre-Ordering Refall or purchasing the Bite Back Edition of the game.
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