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Starship Troopers: Extermination Basic Tips for Beginners

For new players of Starship Troopers: Extermination, this guide will provide you some tips for you to have a better gaming experience.



This is a collection of random tips that may be helpful to you. Feel free to provide feedback and criticism, as this is still a draft version. Further improvements will be made later. Let me know if you would like to see any images.

Top 3 Tips
  • Utilize bunkers for base defense.
  • Prioritize extracting ores first, and once you have enough, focus on gathering gas to avoid aggroing bugs too much (infestation level).
  • Be cautious of Friendly Fire, as it is activated by default. Pay attention to your targets and avoid shooting allies or unintended targets.


Class Differences

The three classesin the game have distinct characteristics. They possess uniquespecial abilities, different traits such as health points and mobility, and their loadout unlocking sequence varies. However, you will have access to almost the same options across all classes.

Assault Class:This class excels in mobility with ajetpackthat allows for a triple jump, providing enhanced vertical movement. It is perfect for scouting and providing quick support. The assault class offersfaster movement speedand provides adaptable gameplay.

Heavy Class:If you prefer high damage output andincreased survivability, the heavy class is the right choice for you. Equipped with a powerfulmachine saw gun, it can deal substantial damage and unleash firepower like Rambo. The heavy class can entersiege modeto reduce recoil, deploy mini defense walls, and provide cover for teammates. It s an excellent choice fortankingand defense.

Operator Class:The operator class specializes in support and utility. It possesses arevive and heal perk, making it invaluable for team survival. Although slightly fragile, the operator can carry two canisters and wields a uniquegrenade launcher. It s the ideal class for efficientlytransporting canisters. The operator can even carry a single canister and still use their weapon (switch to primary when holding one canister, and the canister can be re-selected by pressing 6). To revive teammates, activate the perk and be close to your downed team members. Additionally, if your robot is activated, you can be revived yourself (not yet confirmed).

Every class can utilize the ammo tower, medical tower, and other utility structures. There is no limit to their usage, but the perks associated with them are unique. However, you must individually unlock the loadout options for each class.

Base Building

There are three constraints to consider when placing buildings:

1. Ore/Cash/Money: This resource is obtained by collecting ore canisters from ore extractors, which are indicated by blue markers on the map. When you deconstruct buildings, you receive a refund, although I m unsure of the exact amount.

2. Build Limit: This constraint is crucial because there are only four available slots forammo containers,turrets, andelectric fences. Ammo containers are particularly important since they cannot be deconstructed like other structures.

3. Blue Grid Pattern: The building area for the base is defined by this pattern on the floor. You can place walls and other structures along the edges, but be mindful of their orientation. Arrows indicate the direction in whichturretsface, and for walls, check if the roof is on the inside.

Random Tips
  • If you are confident in your base-building skills, act swiftly at the beginning, especially when it comes to placing ammo containers. Many players may still be unfamiliar with this aspect. Otherwise, take your time since you can always deconstruct and make changes. Pre-placing essential structures and allowing others to construct can be an effective approach.
  • Bunkers are often overlooked but highly effective. Consider placing one at each major choke point. They offer a better line of sight without requiring you to be on top of the walls. Additionally, you won t face difficulties shooting down enemies, which can sometimes occur with rocket launchers due to hitbox differences.
  • You can position ammo containers on top of walls.
  • Towers and turrets can be placed inside walls.
  • Utilize electric fences (and perhaps a small gate) to protect the arc from invading bugs. This is an excellent defensive strategy.
  • Don t forget about gates!
  • In heavy chokepoints where gunners are shooting bugs, consider using small walls (person-high gates). They can help in rebuilding main walls or gates.
  • If possible, use walls with ramps instead of regular walls. This allows all classes, except for assaults, to access the roof. Walls without a line of sight are ineffective, so keep that in mind.


Bug Classes and Sniper Rifle Shots

DroneTiny little critters.Annoying in masses, but easy to kill. (You can melee with v .)One shot required to kill.Earn 1 xp.

WarriorUsually requires two sniper rifle shots.Regular suspects, resembling the bugs from Starship Troopers.Not too dangerous.Two shots required to kill.Earn 1 xp.

GunnerHighly annoying, especially when encountered in groups with other bugs.They can shoot from a distance, even sniping.In the chaos of battle, they can be easily mistaken for friendly fire.Top priority.They look similar in size to Warriors but are more inconspicuous like a mini grenadier.Three to five shots required to kill.Earn 5 xp.

TigerLarge normal looking bugs with yellow-black stripes like zebras.Melee kings and should not be underestimated.Avoid getting too close to them.Prioritize Tigers when Gunners are eliminated and Grenadiers can t reach.One to two magazines, equivalent to 20 shots, required to kill.Earn 50 xp.

GrenadierGrey-blue monster artillery bugs.Shoot over long distances and pack a powerful punch.If not dealt with, they can cause significant damage to your base.Secondary priority, but they yield a high amount of xp.Requires the same number of shots (maybe a bit more) as the Tiger.Three rocket launcher shots required to kill.Earn 100 xp.


Order of Objectives

1. Ammo Bunker(s)2. Base + Arc3. Ore4. Gas5. Exfill

Gas is not always necessary.

Additional Quests

Resource Cache: Gives free gas and ore canisters, but they disappear after a time limit. Don t rely solely on the map sign; one is located underground in a tunnel.

Weapons Cache: Contains weapons. Defend it and stay inside the circle.

Repair Random Stuff (Generator): Repairing will reward you with a weapon.

Exterminate Some Bugs: Killing bugs helps with base defense in the long run. If possible, gather a group and eliminate them.

Random Tips

Rocket Launcher Location: Weapons cache and small boxes in front of defend sector objects usually contain rocket launchers. You can even swap the rocket launcher for your secondary weapon, but do it while picking up the rocket launcher.

Gather Ores Before Delivering Gas Canisters: Ensure you have enough ores before delivering the last gas canister. There may be a connection between the number of gas canisters delivered and the infestation level. Take it slow with gas if you still need ores.

Coordinate with Teams: Assign roles to fulfill objectives efficiently. Check the top-left corner for the number of players selecting a particular objective. Open the map and click on an objective to select it.

Be Strategic with Canisters: Don t rush off with the canisters if you need plenty and there are only a few players (1-2) and the distance is far. This may not be an issue in easy mode, but in normal mode, it can be challenging. Defend the extractor until four canisters are filled, then transport them. Use two operators (2x per operator) and two other team members for support. You can also assign each operator to grab a canister and use their weapons. Press 6 to grab a canister from the operator s backpack.

Plan Ahead: While waiting for new orders, check the map to see the next area to advance. The yellow highlighted areas indicate the next objectives, so you can start moving in that direction. Use pings to indicate the location of important things.


If you don t shoot, you re wasting a valuable team spot. So, get to work and exterminate!

Save your ammo and keep track of the numbers, especially for the grenade launcher and rocket launcher.

Ammo canisters are a great perk to choose once you ve unlocked them for any class. You can place them on walls for your teammates. Remember, they give you good XP to unlock even more stuff, and you can unlock the ammo canister in every class. The medical tower works too.

Friendly fireexists! If you re at the front, avoid jumping left and right like a maniac in front of others. So, check your surroundings.

Check your surroundings. Bugs can come from everywhere, just like in all FPS games. Mind your environment. This will make you a better player in general if you know where things are.

When waiting to depart, don t just stand inside the door move a bit further. When the situation worsens, people die and get left behind. It s okay to take it easy, but in normal mode, nobody jumps around like an idiot to get 5 more XP from bugs.

You can voice chat. Remember Communication is key. y uses proximity chat and t team chat (all no just your squad).

The map is valuable. Get accustomed to use it for checking the next objectives, selecting an objective and getting an overview who does what.

That s all we are sharing today in Starship Troopers: Extermination Basic Tips for Beginners, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original articlehere, all the credits goes to the original authorcaschque

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