SUCCUBUS All Secret Armors Guide

These are collectibles in SUCCUBUS that are not shown on the map they each unlock an armor. After collecting them you should have all the armor slots unlocked.

Four components of the Golden Bull, one of each:Nimrod’s Palace, the Mountain of Meat, and the Bridge of CringesAfter that, locate the bull head in the top levels of the central hub and put the beast together.

There are 15 total golden idols in the Desert of Light.Feed the jaws and kill everyone in the first place so you have time to explore. When traversing the desert with limitless spawning, there are regrettably two statues: one on the top level and one on the lower. Simply move quickly to avoid the kamikazes.

There are 19 total Golden Idols in the Main Hub.The Red Goddess customizations must all be purchased and turned on. Look up or search the cliffs if you can’t spot a statue. None of them are near the arena’s entrance or in it.

There are 10 floating cubes at the main hub.more simple than the idols. Purchase and activate all Madmind Studio customizations. No cubes at the arena’s entrance or inside.

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