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The Outlast Trials Hostile Identification Manual

For The Outlast Trials players, here s a simple manual to identify any hostiles you can encounter in the Testing Grounds and any observed behavior/actions of theirs they have been found exhibiting.

Your companion in your journey of rebirth.

This manual will teach you what kinds of hostiles can be found in the Testing Grounds.

If you place your trust and faith in H.I.M., your odds of success will increase dramatically.

Prime Assets

As of right now, there have only been two unique figures spotted in the Testing Grounds.

Leland Coyle/ Warden / The Cop

Leland Coyle, or simply known as the Warden or The Cop , can be found in the Prison Testing Grounds. He has a fondness for giving you the shock of your life while suffering from the delusions that he is the ruler of a prison.

Mother Gooseberry and Dr. Daddy/Futterman

This twisted duo, found in the Carnival and Orphanage Testing Grounds, is composed of a matriarch and her faithful hand puppet. The two want to better people by drowning them in delicious nose candy and/or drilling out anything deemed rotting.

Big Grunts/ Giants

These towering Inmates can be found in all Testing Grounds.


These inmates either appear in the Testing Grounds in overalls or as bare as they were when they came into the world.

During specific sections of some Tests, such as the end of one when Participants are about to board the Escape Shuttle, they arm themselves with oversized battle axes.

Ex-Pop/ Hunters

These inmates are the same size; except for one, a variant of the Giants; as the fellow inmates you come across in the Sleeping Room. These inmates have a more violent assignment given to them: stopping YOU.

Imposter/ Mimic

This inmate only appears in Group Therapy or in [REDACTED]. They take on the exact same appearance as your fellow Trial participants, but have 2 quirks that warn you that they aren t your friend.

Their name tag can be similar, but not quite matching, to the person they ve copied so make sure you write down the names on the tags of any fellow Participants before you go in for Group Therapy.

Imposters also tend to mumble incoherently, a stark contrast to your normally quiet Participants.

Pusher/ Gasman

A prime example of never sample your own product. He just wants to make the world a happier place and make everyone lost in the world of imagination through the use of his madness-inducing gas. This world, however, is home to The Skinner Man which will be explained shortly.

Pouncers/ Hiders

These cowardly creatures have snuck their way into the Testing Grounds. They are so stricken with terror, they lash out at any Participant that nears their hiding spot.

You can tell when one is nearby if you hear grunts and other primal noises of terror. Failing to hear them, you can see them peeking out from their hiding spot every once in awhile.

Screamer/ Shriekers

These blind inmates abhor sound more than anything else. If they get set off, they let out a stunning shriek. Participants are found that they are unable to move from their spot if they are in range of the ear-splitting noise. This loud noise also attracts other hostile Inmates if they re nearby. Participants are encouraged to move slowly and silently near them, stopping movement when they occasionally become distressed.

Berserker/ Blind Rager

A variant of the Giants discussed earlier. This Inmate is the same size as other Big Grunts, but he is unable to see. He is sensitive to hearing and will bolt off in the direction of any loud sound before swinging his arms and legs, one of which is bound in a metal restraint, around like clubs. Participants are encouraged to employ the same tactic as the Screamers.


These inmates are armed with machetes, iron/lead pipes, or jury-rigged claws. They patrol the Testing Grounds as ordered by the Monitors and they are assigned one thing and one thing only: to take out any Participants that they find so that they may be granted permission to be Reborn. Participants are encouraged to stay in the shadows and move quietly around them or simply staying out of eye and earshot when in light.

Night Hunter/ Night Owl

A variant of the Grunt, but this one has a set of low-light assistance goggles just like you and your fellow Participants. However, they are fused over his eyes, making it impossible to remove them and practically blinding them when in any area that has powered lights. The strategy is an exact mirror of the Maniacs, you must stay in the light to avoid them.

The Skinner Man

A byproduct of the mind when Participants go under full psychosis. Participants report seeing a man in a suit with a bare skull for his head. His mere physical presence seems to leech the life from any Participants that come too close to this Skinner Man. When encountered, the best strategy is to consume Murkoff s calming inhalants or, when lacking a dose of that, stay as far away from him as possible until your mind calms down. Since this Skinner Man is a manifestation of the mind, he always knows where you are even if you try to hide.

That s all we are sharing today in The Outlast Trials Hostile Identification Manual, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original articlehere, all the credits goes to the original authorPyroDrakken

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