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The Outlast Trials How to Dodge Most Attacks

For new players of The Outlast Trials, this guide is going to explain how to dodge most attacks in game.

What is the idea of dodging/reversal?

I believe it was the king of war Sun Tzu who said it not getting hit is good, but to do a reversal is grand this game sadly won t Except you can! a trust and rather tasty brick to the good ol teeth will do just fine, some busted up, and rather smelly, and dirty cop getting too aggressively horny for you? just simply jump to the side when he runs at you, and throw gods greatest gift to man, a brick! or just clay in general

Every type of enemy and how to get the hell outta the way

When it s going down, you need a plan to not die, not exactly how to do it, but a quick little post for the newbies should help

Dodge The act of not getting damagedfor instance, a perfectly timed jump in any direction can actually negate all incoming damage, obviously different enemies hit differently, so here s a little list.

THAT JUMP OUT AT YOU you just need to not go near them, this is called dodging, technically since theirs a chance people don t know that a locker having a person screaming in it could have a slight bit of danger (they will attempt to hurt you, requiring a friend or your trusty pointer finger to muscle up the courage to give them a little slap on the neck)

BIG TRUCK DUDES those big guys that might look intimidating, the ones with weapons you ll wanna avoid by just jumping around them before they even swing, the fully naked ones ( out) will only punch with a wild haymaker try to jump with the way of the punch The ones that have padding/clothing will try some dodgy where they will punch downward or in a wild haymaker with both hands, for that you ll wanna jump backwards, letting them tire themselves out, then throw a quick brick or bottle to put the nail in the coffin (NOTE: BOTTLES STUN THEM LONGER THAN BRICKS THEY RECOVER MUCH FASTER AND CAN GET A SWING IN IF YOU USE A BRICK AND GET COCKY)

REGULAR DUDES The ones that will have pipes on them (suited or not) will always try a swing from the right to the left (same as big haymaker go with the swing) the ones that have any other weapons (suited or not) will try any attack ranging from a left to right right to left or even a sprint like that cop dude (later explained)

LELAND COYOTE/THE MOST AMERICAN COP EVER SEEN He is a tricky/horny bastard, reflect on the fact that he will always try to do an animated attack, perfect for co-op since it takes 5 seconds for him to deal damage his attacks can range from a sophisticated rush at you to a left hook with his shock-baton/Genny, the rush is best avoided by jumping left or right, try not to freak out and jump forward into his loving arms (they can be quite deadly/trial ruining) whilst his left hook well self explanatory just right

THE CLIMBERS/HOOK HAND DUDES they will attack with their hooks, on their RIGHT hand guess which way to jump? LEFT, surprised me too, their hit-boxes are funny

PUSHER/RAT BASTARD WHO DOSES YOU probably PUSHes drugs to kids per the name, however a good sign to now when he s coming is a flashing light at an elevator, the exact sound I can t pin down, but when you hear it, you really do, best bet is avoid in general, but when PUSH comes to shove, best bet is to jump around and find a door to slam in his gas-masked face. or a nice and tasty brickTHE SCREAMER/LOUD DUDE THAT STUNS YOU doesn t attack, just sneak around best way to know where they are static noises, like a TV

THE IMPOSTERS/NOT THE DUDE YOUR DUO-ING WITH He will look exactly like your partner (use a mic to not get confused) look at the name they have, if it s DSKO1R, then it s probably an Imposter, they tend to get close, then stab you, however they are always walking, but they have a run and stab, just become a toreador and jump to the side, like that one scene from chainsaw man with Kobeni (not sponsored)

MS. GOOSEBERRY/WORLDS WORST DENTIST by the nine, if you d believe this HER RIGHT HAND HAS A DRILL DUCK ON IT, ducking isn t a good idea, but she will run at you, just run to the side, or just if

That s all we are sharing today in The Outlast Trials How to Dodge Most Attacks, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original articlehere, all the credits goes to the original authorDskor

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