The Starfighter How To Obliterate All Enemy Targets in The Airport Mission

This tutorial offers The Starfighter players a hint on how to finish the task The Airport by eliminating every enemy target.

Clue For Destroying All Enemy Targets In The Airport Mission

In The Airport Mission, you have to destroy all of the NImrod Armada Fighters, the Nimrod Armored Buggies, the Air Traffic Controller Tower, the Water Reservoirs, the Blastpad, the Runway (Runway 34), the Airport Terminal, the Aviation Containers, the small container and tranporters, the Nimrod Unmanned Aerial Combat Systems, the Nimrod Taxibots, the Hangars, the Lightpoles, the Tarmac, the Walls that are surrounding The Airport. When all of these targets have been destroyed, the Portal will appear. Wizard will then tell you to proceed to the Portal and where it is located.

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