Thriving City: Song Efficient Layout Guide

Players of Thriving City: Song will learn a variety of layouts with reliable and effective output from this tutorial. Let’s have a look.

Lumber layout

Lumberjack behavior :

They place their wood in the nearest storage (a lumber cabin or warehouse) and then return to the cabin to begin planting or felling trees.The amount of woods harvested is determined by rolling a die (1 to 4) when a lumberjack cuts a tree.

Actual bug: Sometimes, lumberjacks may plant trees on tiles that already have trees on them. A fresh tree is added on the tile.

Coal mines are more productive when they are next to a log cabin. A log cottage with basic stats can offer two coal mines. And you receive a ton of extra wood for building things (if output > 100+ woods).

Production of woods is consistent, averaging 105 to 120 woods per year.


Agricultural fields or industrial buildings might take the place of the highways.The chosen tiles are lush landscapes. (Never tried a lower fertility)The effects of irrigation and water wells on trees don’t appear to exist.Due to travel time, there wouldn’t be 4 warehouses on the edge, which would reduce manufacturing efficiency.

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