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Town of Salem 2 Referral Rewards & Referral Guide

This referral incentives and referral guide for Town of Salem 2 gamers explains what it is and why it matters. Let’s have a look.

How do I refer/get referred?

When creating a new account for the game, you can refer other players by providing your name and another s to advance them in the referral tier. It should work if you type in an existing name like Rick; otherwise, it will let you know that the name you type does not yet exist. Town Points are the only rewards beyond the first five levels; all subsequent levels simply award TP.

Why does this matter?

There can be one of each character, but not several skins of each, in a lobby at once. Characters are the individual characters that can be played in the game, and Skins recolor/re-texture them. Therefore, referring as many people as you can to Death is a great idea! Beyond that, skins equal victories.

The Rewards:

Pale Horse and 1300 Town Points at Level 1Level 2: War (1300 Town Points & Skin for The Smith)Level 3: Pestilence (1300 Town Points & Skin for the Plaguebearer)Level 4: Famine (1300 Town Points & Skin for the Baker)Death (Character) and 1300 Town Points at Level 5.1300 Town Points for Level 6 and up

Rick is a decent option if you don’t have somebody to let you in. Of course, if you’re feeling kind, feel free to refer one another in the comments & share codes! Asking friends for recommendations or inviting them to test the game out for themselves are the two best ways to get referrals.

Pale Horse [Pet] (Tier 1)

War [Skin for The Smith] (Tier 2)

Pestillence [Skin for the Plaguebearer] (Tier 3)

Famine [Skin for The Baker] (Tier 4)

Death [Character] (Tier 5)

That s all we are sharing today in Town of Salem 2 Referral Rewards & Referral Guide, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, you can also read the original articlehere, all the credits goes to the original authorRICK

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